Notre Dame, Here We Come

By | April 2, 2008

A couple weeks ago I was offered a one-year postdoc position at the University of Notre Dame’s Center for the Philosophy of Religion. It’s a great opportunity that my wife and I are both excited about. While there, I’ll be working on a book project. Tentatively entitled “The Openness of the Future and the Openness of God”, it’s going to be a philosophical defense of open theism. Basically, I’m aiming to do for open theism what Tom Flint, the director of the Center, has done for Molinism, one of open theism’s main competitors in the intellectual marketplace of philosophical theology.

9 thoughts on “Notre Dame, Here We Come

  1. jprapp

    Best wishes to you.

    Poke Plantinga in the ribs a time or two to get him to understand that even “authorities” must bow down to evolve into sufficient “open” mindedness as to question all things.

    To tickle your science fancies, see “Open and Relational Theology Engaging Science” conference coming up on the West Coast.

    I hope you post your musings on your blog.


  2. Tim


    Congratulations! When do you guys plan to arrive in South Bend? We’re here until the end of July. I hope we’ll have some overlap.

    Tim (Pawl)

  3. Patrick


    Awesome – great news. Congrats. (Though I wish it were me writing this book. 🙂 )

    btw, I take it I’ll see you at the OT/Science deal at APU.


  4. Alan Rhoda

    Wow, those were some quick comments, guys.

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to pry any of those Notre Dame Molinists away from Molinism, but I’ll sure try.

    We’ll probably be arriving in early August. Will you be going back to St. Louis? If so, we’ll probably be passing through there on our way to South Bend.

    Thanks. I do look forward to meeting you at Azusa. Wife and baby will be there too.

  5. Tim


    Well drat. It would have been nice to meet you in person. Are you coming out earlier to find housing? I could meet you then and show you around. I think I know a couple who is renting out their (very nice) house for the next year.

    We’re not heading back to Saint Louis. We’re heading up to MN to the University of St. Thomas, where I’ll start teaching next fall!

  6. Alan Rhoda

    Congrats on the St. Thomas job. I applied there but nothing came of it. My wife and I have several good friends in the Minneapolis area, so there’s a good chance we’ll take a drive up that way some time within the next year. I we do, I’ll drop you line.


  7. Shane

    Congrats on the Notre Dame posting, Alan. I like the idea of having you at one of the hubs of Christian philosophy, even if only for a limited time. I hope you’ll run into one of my best friends there (Eric Hagedorn) and be able to talk some open theism with him. He’ll be in his third year as a Ph.D. student in philosophy there and is one of Plantinga’s lucky inside guys who gets to review and critique his forthcoming work. He’s the most philosophically astute of my close friends, and I’d love to have him interact more directly with an open theist like yourself.

    And I look forward to your forthcoming book. Best wishes there!


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