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God as Passible and Impassible – A Defense of Qualified Divine Impassibility

As I remarked in my previous post, there are roughly two main views on divine impassibility. According to the “unqualified” view, which came to predominate in Western Christianity, God is absolutely impassible in the sense that He cannot be affected by creation in any way. Intrinsically considered, God is absolutely indifferent to creation. He remains exactly… Read More »

Two Varieties of Classical Theism

It is often insufficiently appreciated, I submit, that so-called “classical theism” is not a monolithic model of God. There are two main varieties: Unqualified classical theism (UCT) = God is absolutely simple, absolutely immutable, absolutely timeless, absolutely impassible, purely actual, etc. Qualified classical theism (QCT) = God is significantly simple, significantly immutable, significantly timeless, significantly impassible, etc.,… Read More »

Open Theism and Impassibility in Feeling

Among open theists there has been a running in-house debate between what I will call the “passibilist” and “impassibilist” camps. T. C. Moore has lately been leading the charge on behalf of the passibilists, while Tom Belt and Dwayne Polk have been leading the charge for the impassibilists. (As noted below, by “passibilism” and “impassibilism”… Read More »