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Philosophical Essays against Open Theism – ch. 5: Helm

This is part five of eleven in a series responding to the essays in Ben Arbour’s edited volume, Philosophical Essays against Open Theism (Routledge, 2019). In this post I tackle chapter 5 by Paul Helm, “The ‘Openness’ in Compatibilism” (pp. 80–92). Helm is a well-respected philosopher of religion and a long-time staunch defender of theistic… Read More »

Is Libertarian Free Will at Odds with Christian Orthodoxy?

Now that I’ve submitted the manuscript for my Open Theism book for the Cambridge Elements series, I’m finally able to return to blogging. I’m going to start by clearing some items off my spindle before eventually blogging on some new ideas that I’ve been mulling over. So, let’s begin. In the first half of David… Read More »